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16 March, 2024
7:00 AM
Cooks River Catchment , Cooks River

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Discover the Heart of Sydney on a self-guided Cooks River adventure!

Embark on a micro-adventure that reveals the vibrant communities and untold stories nestled along the Cooks River. This journey is a tribute to the enduring spirit of regeneration and the collective efforts to breathe new life into this vital waterway. Crafted with insights from those who hold the river dear, this scavenger hunt is an invitation to see the river through the eyes of its custodians and passionate advocates.

How to Participate:


First, you’ll need to download the Ride With GPS app onto your phone. (It’s Free!)

Plan Your Route: Whether you choose to ride or walk, our Ride with GPS map will guide you through each fascinating point of interest.

Go at Your Pace: There’s no rush. Enjoy the journey, taking time to absorb the stories and sights.

Document Your Adventure: Take photos at the scavenger hunt locations and share your experience online. Tag @cooks_river_alliance on Instagram or @CooksRiverAlliance on Facebook. The most locations visited could earn you a prize! Prizes from Patagonia will go to those who visit and document the most locations, sharing your adventures with the community via social media.

This self-guided adventure is more than just a scavenger hunt; it’s a call to connect with the Cooks River’s vibrant ecosystem and the communities that surround it. Whether you’re a longtime local or a curious visitor, there’s always something new to discover along the Cooks River.

What You’ll Experience:


Uncover Hidden Gems: Explore the catchment’s unique spots, from bustling parks to tranquil river bends, each with a story to tell.

Learn As You Go: Each point of interest is a learning opportunity, offering insights into the river’s ecology, history, and the community’s vision for its future.

Connect and Share: Capture your discoveries in photos and share your journey with a wider community of river enthusiasts. Tag @cooks_river_alliance on Instagram or @CooksRiverAlliance on Facebook, to join the conversation and spread the love for the Cooks River.



The more places you visit and photos you take, the higher the chance to win one of three prizes. You could win a prize pack from Patagonia, non-alcoholic beers from Heaps Normal or a gift certificate for a ride or workshop from Pedal Set Go.

Winners will be announced at the Wurridjal Festival closing ceremony at Marrickville Golf Club on April 7.

Join us in celebrating this vital waterway and the collective effort to protect and enhance it for future generations. Ready to explore? The Cooks River awaits.