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Working towards a healthy river by working together

The Cooks River Alliance is bringing together stakeholders from across the catchment to develop a long-term strategy with actions to improve the health of the Cooks River using the NSW Coastal Management Act. The final Cooks River Catchment Coastal Management Program (CMP) ensures a legislatively backed, certified program of works for councils and partner organisations with co-funding from the NSW Government. 

Below are some of the issues that will have actions and strategies for management:

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity
Preserving Aboriginal culture and artefacts within the catchment
Improving water quality and reducing pollution
Reducing stormwater and flooding and planning for climate change adaptability
The condition and function of the upper river catchment
Community use, river and beach access, as well as a review of steel sheeting along the banks

CMP Timeline

Stage 1. Scoping Study (completed 2019)

This study identified the CMP geographic scope, priority issues and community vision to guide program development. Read the Scoping Study summary here.

Stage 2. Risks, vulnerabilities, opportunities (Current phase – July 2022)

This phase involves stakeholders undertaking studies to address knowledge gaps and inform actions.

You can help contribute to this phase via citizen science projects in 2021.

Stage 3. Identify and evaluate options (June 2022 – June 2023)

During this engagement period feedback is invited from the community and stakeholders on various management options for areas of the river and catchment.

Stage 4. Prepare, exhibit and adopt CMP (June 2023 – June 2024).

The draft Cooks River Catchment Coastal Management Program is on public exhibition for final feedback.

Once finalised, councils and other stakeholders adopt the program.

Stage 5. Implement, monitor, evaluate and report (June 2024 – ongoing)