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If you observe a problem on the Cooks River, note as many details as possible as this will help the responsible authority to investigate the incident or issue.

  • What is the issue – clearly describe what you see in detail
  • When it happened – the time and date, how long it lasted, if it has happened before
  • Where it happened – the address and nearest cross streets
  • How it has impacted the waterway or your health
  • Other information such as weather conditions, descriptions of people that may have been responsible for the incident
  • Evidence such as photos or videos

Water coming out of a drain is not clear (it looks or smells polluted or toxic) and presents an immediate threat to human health or property. Report it immediately to emergency services. Call 000
Large oil spill in the river. Call 000
Dead fish or birds in the river. Take note of how many you can see and how long think they’ve been there. Call NSW EPA
Small amounts (under two trailer loads) of illegally dumped waste. Call your local council
Large amounts (over two trailer loads) of illegally dumped waste. Call NSW EPA
Illegal fishing or shellfish collecting. Report to NSW DPI
Shopping trolley dumped near or in the river. Report to Trolley Tracker
Sewer overflows or sewage smell. Call Sydney Water
If you see a building site with poor sediment and erosion controls (e.g. collapsed fences, uncovered sand, and sediments entering the street or drain). Call your local council
Littering from a vehicle enters the Cooks River. If you see someone littering from their vehicle, you can report them to the EPA. Report to EPA