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On the 2 April 2024 the Cooks River Valley Association (CRVA) contacted the CRA asking if the Alliance would be willing to submit a letter in support of their New Policy Proposal concerning the future of the Cooks River.

Among the proposals are the replacement of sheet piling (steel) and concrete channeling with ecologically-beneficial alternatives.

On June 3, the Alliance sent a letter of support for the proposal, to the NSW Minister for Environment and the NSW Treasurer.

Read the letter and policy proposal in their entirety here or in the preview below.

Along with concrete channeling, the sheet steel is one of the largest and most complex issues facing the Cooks River. The degrading steel prevents the establishment of aquatic habitats and has created a public safety hazard. To date, ownership of the sheet piling has not been determined and this has led to delays in addressing this aging asset.

Sheet Piling:

Concrete Channelisation: