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28 March, 2020
Steel Park, Illawarra Road, Marrickville
Tea light candles inside paper boats laying on grass near the banks of the river

*This event has been cancelled in response to COVID-19 health precautions.*

A fleet of nawi (paper boats) depart the banks at dusk to light up the river and celebrate Earth Hour.

Bring your own nawi or make a paper boat when you get there. Also bring your picnic tea, a rug or a chair and a torch. Weather dependent. (Gold coin donation)

This annual Earth Hour event is brought to you by the Cooks River Valley Association, an association made up of caring local residents who are committed to rehabilitating the Cooks River and fostering community spirit within the Cooks River Valley.

The River Canoe Club of NSW retrieves all paper boats from the river at the conclusion of the event.

Nawi is an Aboriginal word for canoe.