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Wurridjal Festival 2020

It’s mullet season on the Cooks River! The festival marks the start of a season when thousands of mullet – known as ‘wurridjal’ in the Dharug or Eora Aboriginal languages spoken in the Sydney region – enter the Cooks River during their pre-spawning migration along the east coast of Australia. The Wurridjal Festival reminds us that for tens of […]

Aboriginal History Along the Cooks River

There is a long history of Aboriginal associations with the Cooks River catchment found from the archaeological past, and oral and documentary history from more recent times. This publication compiles and reviews previous research and records to create a comprehensive narrative of the Aboriginal history of the Cooks River catchment.

10 Ways to Help the Cook River

The Cooks River catchment is highly urbanised with many hard surfaces. As stormwater rushes off our roofs, driveways and roads, it flows directly into drains and into the river, picking up pollution on its way. That means litter anywhere within the catchment can end up in the Cooks River. That means the river starts at […]