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Calling all passionate Cooks River people!

Welcome to the
Cooks River Changemakers program!

There are lots of people doing great things together to improve and celebrate the Cooks River and its receiving waters in Botany Bay – and you can be one of them!

We’re looking for passionate people to participate in a free seven-week changemaker course exploring how to use your skills, knowledge and passions to work with others on Cooks River projects. In a catchment of 540,000 diverse people, we all have something to contribute.

Together with experts, you’ll explore the river, its issues and solutions and develop new exciting ways of drawing people to the river. The possibilities are endless, all you need to bring is your existing passions.

Read more information about the course here:

Application form.

Applications will open again towards from the end of August 2020.

Any questions? Email info@cooksriver.org.au or call us on 9707 5725.